The International Protection of Refugees: Suicide and Children in Australia

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Essays on Human Rights , Law and International Relations

Have you heard? Some people are more human than others…..

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that ‘All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights’, yet millions of individuals continue to be subject to indefinite incarceration and detention at refugee camps run by Nation States that evince populist and nationalistic immigration policies; policies that reek of disdain for human life including for the lives of children of foreign ethnicity, culture, religion and language.

The idealism reflected in the UDHR stands in stark contrast to the realities of millions of men, women and children, who are stripped of their humanity and their right to be part of civil society by the political machinery  of the Sovereign State, the determiner of life and death for those who stand outside the body politic.

Consider the immigration policies of Australia in relation to its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers…

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