The Law of Armed Conflict and the Politics of Killing Children in Gaza

Essays on Human Rights , Law and International Relations

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In an increasingly conflict ridden world plagued by brutal military intervention in the lives of millions of individuals living in places such as Gaza, Syria, Nicaragua and Myanmar, international law becomes even more important in providing some degree of protection to civilians who are victims of violence at the hands of the Nation State and its military.
The fact that Sovereign States across the globe continue to wield a monopoly over the use of violence against civilians and non- civilians alike, a right sanctioned by respective governments and manifested through State militaries and police forces, demands a correlative legal right for victims of State violence to be protected by International law against such brutalities.
What is the Law of Armed conflict?
The law of armed conflict otherwise known as international humanitarian law is twofold in its purpose; First, ‘it regulates the methods of conducting…

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